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(whether it's true or not, I don't know, up to you to decide, but it's probably more common than people wish it were.)

The article is as follows

"This post is only for information purpose.

Report by Lukas Torsten (Berlin, Germany):

A simple question comes to my mind when handreds of E-mails bombing my machine coming from people who really want an answer to this question: Who are the Newstar Boys?
The answer is not that complicated from the first perspective as everyone knows those young men who belong to that kids fashion agency known as Newstars. The photos and videos of the Newstars are a matter of conflicting point of view. They are utterly a subject of controversy.

According to the official Newstar Agency website, all its material is a 100% legal with no pictures designed to arouse anyone. They say they comply with US Code Title 18. They consider their work as artistic with abide international laws, which is not entirely true I think. They also confirm that all photography has been done, viewed and accepted with authorization of and in the presence of a parent or appointed guardian before release, which strangely happens to be true.

Who are the Newstar Boys Exactly?

I made a research about them from several sources. It took me a very long time before I came to figure out that all those boys are from the Czech Republic. The agency itself is located in Prague with a different name which is not even English. All those boys have their original names totally different from their newstar names. The guy behind this whole thing is believed to be somewhere in North America.

Newstar Jimmy (Jimmy I)

* Real name: Dominik
* Newstar Jimmy Pictures Sets: 56
* Newstar Jimmy Videos: 6 (A Little Soldier, Rock Jeans, BMX, Wheels,Instructor in White, The Chair).

Newstar Jimmy Tonik (Jimmy II)

* Real name: Eugen
* Newstar Tonik Pictures Sets: 117 (including 3 nude sets)
* Newstar Tonik Videos: 21 (including 8 nude videos)

Newstar Richie

* Real name: Erik
* Newstar Richie Pictures Sets: 82
* Newstar Richie Videos: 2 (Splashing Around, Soccer Player)

Newstar Robbie

* Real name: Ignak
* Newstar Robbie Pictures Sets: 71
* Newstar Robbie Videos: 50

Newstar Sonny

* Real name: Jarek
* Newstar Sonny Pictures Sets: 120
* Newstar Sonny Videos: 2 (Bed, Water Fun)

Newstar Rocky

* Real name: Karel
* Newstar Rocky Pictures Sets: 61
* Newstar Rocky Videos: 10 ( including one nude video)

Newstar Danny (DannyDream)

* Real name: Patrik
* Newstar Danny Pictures Sets: 113 (including 4 nudes)
* Newstar Danny Videos: 5 (all nude)

Why do those boys belong to Newstar?

The answer is simple. Their parents were actually very poor, they needed the money. That newstar agency affords those people with more than 10 thousands US dollars for each 3 to 6 minutes video, not to mention the photographs."

if reading this bummed you out in anyway, well, look at all the cool posts everyone did for today, ought get your mind off it.

Article Found Originally Here And plagiarized,I did.

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